To 14.x from 13.x

  1. Make sure your application supports PHP 8.1 or higher;
  2. The minimum supported version of Laravel is 8.0.
  3. Bump laravel-lang/publisher version to ^14.0 in your composer.json file;
  4. Bump laravel-lang/lang to ^11.0 or ^12.0 version in your composer.json file;
  5. Bump laravel-lang/attributes version to ^2.0 in your composer.json file;
  6. Bump laravel-lang/http-statuses version to ^3.0 in your composer.json file;
  7. Make sure all other connected language packs support the new structureopen in new window.
  8. The alignment key in the config file has been renamed to inline.
  9. Removed excludes and case config keys.
  10. Removed LaravelLang\Publisher\Facades\Helpers\Config facade.
  11. Attributes removed from console command lang:reset.
  12. Run the composer update console command.

Package Development

  1. Run the composer require laravel-lang/status-generator --dev console command.
  2. Run the vendor/bin/lang upgrade console command.
  3. Replace LaravelLang\Publisher\Plugins\BasePlugin with LaravelLang\Publisher\Plugins\Plugin.
  4. Compare the structure of your project with the templateopen in new window.
  5. Replace vendor() method with $vendor attribute.
  6. Added $version attribute. Now you can specify search versions. For example, ^5.0 || ^6.0 || ^7.0.